European travel BFF may 19-July 17

Anyone traveling in Europe on these dates? I am definitely starting in Dublin, Ireland. This is where I think my route will go (not set in stone yet though): Dublin Glasglow? Edinburgh Bergen? Oslo Stockholm Copenhagen Berlin Prague Munich Vienna Budapest Athens Santorini Crete Athens Naples Capri Rome Florence Milan Lucerne/Zurich Paris London I'm open to changes aside from Dublin as the first stop and London as the final stop. I may think about doing Greece inbetween Italian stops or elsewhere.
Many of these cities I have travelled to previously, so I will feel a bit more comfortable in those cities. Let me know if you want to join:)

Posted by Nicole
Anchorage, AK, USA
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Hey! I'm in Italy now and will be going to France around June 9th and looking for a travel buddy! I think there is another girl I met on here that I will be joining as well but the more the merrier! Probably southern France or maybe Switzerland first. Any interest? Email me might be easier if so, Oh btw I'm 25 and from Alaska and doing it on a budget. Not super tight budget but not 5star hotels. Hope to hear from you soon,

Posted by Alexandra
San Francisco, CA, USA
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I've been to western europe but interested in greece , prague, vienna, budapest and maybe turkey. the other option i have is spain/ portugal/morocco. Looking to travel in mid june - mid july.

Posted by Kari
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I have a lot booked so far (particularly transportation; okay, well at this point mainly only transport- = no accommadation booked, but booking in the next couple of days - most likely-; *= transport and accommadation not booked) Prague: June 5-8 Vienna: June 8-10 Budapest: June 10-13* Athens: June 13-14* Crete:June 14-18** Santorini: June 18- 22** Athens: June 22-25* Naples: June 25-28* Capri: June 28-29** Rome: June 29- July 2** Florence:July 2-5* Milan: July 5-6** Lauterbrunnen: July 6-7 Lucerne: July 7-9 Munich: July 9-12* Paris: July 12-15*
London: July 15-17*