Europe trip summer to what countries

I'm looking to backpack in Europe for a few weeks in the summer of 2013..Maybe in like Aug. or Sept. I'm open to whatever countries, but I'd really like to see Italy at some point. I'm looking to stay in hostels so that it can be as cheap possible. I'd preferably like to go with a female. I'm 23, and will be finishing up school next summer. Let me know if you're interested!

Posted by Nick
Everett, Washington, United States
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Hi Lydia, I am currently planning my 2013 Sept European trip along the Amalfi coast and mostly concentrating on Southern Italy starting from Rome. If you are interested in that region for part or all of your trip let me know. Just hit the send private message button.

Posted by Julia
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Hi Lydia I'm an 18 year old who is also interested in traveling around Europe this summer. I'm looking to spend about three weeks in Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, and England) although i'm somewhat flexible about where I travel. My friend who I was planning on traveling with has recently backed out on me so am rather desperate for a travel partner. Are your dates restricted to just August and September? I'm only really available in July and early to mid August. Anyways, let me know Julia