Europe- Sept/Oct 2013

Hello Everyone, Would like to travel Europe in Sept or Oct this year, on a budget. I'm 29 yo female from India. Trekked in the Himalayas, lived, traveled &worked in the east&west coasts of the US. I'm decent, friendly, laid-back, like to study places & people. Art, culture, faith, anthropology and the like interest me. I've no plan as such- but am keen on western Europe at the moment. Just stumbled on this forum, want to give it a shot. So like-minded girls or guys in a similar age group, reach out to me..lets plan! Bye, Monica
Bangalore, India

Posted by Krishna
Mumbai, India
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Hello Monica! I am Krishna Marathe. I just booked my tickets to Rome starting 11th September. I'm planning to backpack through Europe westwards for nearly a month ending at Munich right in time for Oktoberfest. I am a full-time guitarist and singer-songwriter from Mumbai. I have always been very intrigued by european culture and history and hence the trip :) I speak fluent German and have been to Germany twice before already. And I am pretty excited to have stumbled across your post! So yeah, let's plan! :) You could mail me at Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards,

Posted by Poornima
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Hi Monica, I am glad to come across you!:) I am also interested in traveling to Europe this Oct. I have been going round the web for any information on budget traveling especially for women. But finding them very constraining. Either on money or places to visit. I am keen on traveling to 3 lands (England, Ireland and Scotland) ;) or Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Munich circuit. These are top of my Bucket list to visit places not restricted to them thou. I am fascinated by history and culture. Would love to wander around and soak up the atmosphere without any time constraints especially on budget. Lived and worked in Netherlands, been to Paris and Rome in past few years. On home front, planning to travel to Ladakh in Aug. I am a 30yr IT professional from Mumbai, India. Like to read books and dream of traveling all over the world. :) So lets plan! :D You can reach me on my id - Eagerly waiting for your reply! Bye,tc
Poornima Mumbai, India

Posted by Akshay
Mumbai, India
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HEY!!! I'm Akshay 26 male from India. I'm planning to visit Amsterdam,France,Germany,Belgium and Italy from 3 to 15 august 2013.I am would be travelling solo for the first time.I am willing to join if u dont mind.. Let me know...