Europe October-December

I'm 26 and looking for a travel buddy around my age to spend part or all of my adventure with. I don't have a lot of travel experience, but could really use some excitement in my life, and not to mention a vacation. I am hoping to visit Ireland, England, France, Amsterdam, and hopefully Spain. I want to do it super low budget style (i.e. hostels and couchsurfing). If you are interested, feel free to send me a message! -Hannah

Posted by Umair
Uvira, DR Congo
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Hi Hannah,
I am umair and i am 28 years old. I am also planning to visit europe mainly spain, italy france, germany and UK). Like u i will also be travelling in super low budget style. Well i cant lay much claims but one thing is sure that it will be a lot of fun.

Posted by Gwen
Dallas, TX
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Hey, I sent you a message but I'm not sure if it sent or not..I'm hoping to go there too + maybe Germany or Switzerland and around that time too. If you're still looking, message me and we can talk.

Posted by Sara
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Hey Hannah, I am 26 as well and looking for someone to travel with. I am comfortable in staying in hostels and couch surfing. I have traveled a little bit, and I am excited to do more! Message me if you need another person to have an adventure with! Thanks! Sara Mae

Posted by Pradeep
Chennai, Tamilnadu, Chennai
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Hey Hannah, Im 24 and visiting amsterdam,france,swiz,rome,venice in time of mid sep to dec.
This is my first time to europe, im an indian. Looking for friends to travel around. If you have plans for sep-dec 2013... send me ur plans:) i could join as weel :) :)

Posted by Paulina
San Francisco, Ca, USA
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Hi Hannah, My name is Paulina, I am 23 and I will be heading out to Europe by myself also! I definitely will be going to: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, London, and Amsterdam. However I am up for traveling elsewhere on a budget if course. Hope to hear from you!

Posted by Vanessa
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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Hi! My cousin and i will be in France Sept 20. We plan on doing Munich and Ofest and ending up in Italy Oct 6-13. We are completely open other than that. We would like to make new friends. We are doing some super low budget and some hotels. We will be traveling by trains. Message me if you are interested in meeting us. Vanessa

Posted by Laura
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Hello Hannah, I am currently in Paris and am planning on staying here for another week or two before heading to either Amsterdam or Scotland and Ireland. I am 31 and this is my first time in Europe, although I have been here for 6 weeks now, so have some experience under my belt. Please message me if you are interested in meeting up :) Laura