Europe in August/September

Hello! I am a recent college graduate looking for another female traveler between 20-25 to explore Europe in August/September. I plan on getting a Eurail pass and was hoping to visit Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, and Spain. This will be my second time backpacking through Europe. Message me if you would be interested in traveling to some (or all) of these countries with me!

Posted by Danielle
Mount Vernon, WA, U.S.A.
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Hi Miriam!
I am twenty-four and beginning my own European journey in Istanbul for a couple of weeks at the end of August. I will be abroad through the end of November. I am definitely interested in traveling those countries!

Posted by Abraham
Seattle, WA, USA
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Hello, I'm one quarter away from graduating and decided to go to Europe to truly discover myself. If your interested in meeting up for part of the trip let me know as I have no set itinerary. This will be my first solo trip to Europe. Safe travels and best of luck to your future career.

Posted by Anne
Orangeburg, SC, United States
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Hi Miriam. Good luck with your travels. Just a suggestion. You may want to compare rates of simply buying train tickets individually instead of a Eurail pass. Sometimes that is a better value. Anne