Europe August 2013

Hey everyone, My name is Luis, I'm a recent college graduate who studied International studies/International Business at the University of South Florida. Two of my friends and I (all in our mid 20's) will be traveling throughout europe from July 30th until September 1st and we wouldn't mind another person or two joining for part of or all of the trip. We don't care about age or gender, though being around our age is a huge plus, as long as you're laid back, willing to have good time and are looking to fit in as many new experiences as we can into the travel. One of the best parts about the trip is that I work for the Ritz carlton and get a discount at all Marriott and Ritz carlton hotels, so we will be staying in pretty nice places(4 & 5 star hotels) for less than it would cost at a hostel! The only reason we would want another person or two joining is to reduce our accommodations budget even more and use the money towards something else. We will be staying in a few hostels along the way, just to experience some of the things we want to experience or like in Ireland where marriotts aren't available. As of now, we do we want to plan some day trips where we are open to ideas and have bought one tour for stonehenge/bath from London, but mostly our itinerary is as follows: Tampa to Dublin July 29th-30th July 30-Aug 2nd Dublin Aug 2nd-Aug 6th London Aug 6th-Aug 9th Paris Aug 9th-Aug 13th Amsterdam Aug 13th-17th Berlin Aug 19th-21st we all split up, I'm in dubrovnik, another in greece, and the other stays in germany Aug 21st - We meet back up in Rome then head out Aug 22nd-23rd Florence/Bologna Aug 23-26th Rome Aug 26th-28th Ibiza, Spain Aug 29th-31st Madrid, Spain
Aug 31st-Sept 1st Dublin Back to Tampa Sept 1st Tell us a little about yourself and hopefully you can join our adventure!

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