Europe, Aug 13th/12-Sept 1st/12

I am a 21yo male going into 4th year university and I'm looking to find a travel buddy for my friend and I. There are no plans set in stone yet, but we intend on seeing Amsterdam, France, Italy, and Germany. Hostels would be the accommodation of choice, and picnicking would be awesome. As I said, nothing is set in stone so transportation is flexible. We are looking to wander and sight see mainly. We are Canadians so we are obviously open-minded ;) but we would like to remember the majority of our trip. Just looking to be free spirited in the last summer before life gets serious I guess!

Posted by Amelia
New York, USA
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Hi! I am traveling from New York this summer to Europe, had a partner but they bailout so now im looking for a new traveling partner(s). Im going to Istanbul (July 27-31), Bucharest (Aug 1-2), Budapest (Aug 3-14), Vienna (Aug 14-16), Berlin (Aug 16-20), Amsterdam (Aug 20-24), Paris (Aug 24-29) and London (Aug 29-Sep 4) I really would like someone to travel with on this trip, I am pretty laid back. In Budapest I want to go to Sziget Festival and I have an extra ticket to whoever wants to met up. A travel companion for part or entire trip is perfect. Please let me know if you interested. Amelia