Eastern Europe (Backpacking) June 29 - July 31, 2012

23 y/o male finished undergrad and am taking a tour of Eastern Europe before another round of more school. I'm taking one backpack and don't want to travel with someone who has a lot of luggage (This made a trip to Italy less enjoyable lugging things up and down everywhere, especially Venice). Lodging: Hostels (Mostly), Apartments, & Hotels I start in Berlin and make a big circle back to catch a flight home to LAX July 31st. I've got a Global Eurail pass, so I'll be using a train unless otherwise stated. The route: Berlin>Prague>Warsaw>Krakow>Kiev>Crimea>Odessa>(Boat to:) Istanbul> (Now heading back to Berlin via:) Sofia>Bucharest>Budapest>Vienna>Berlin>LA!

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