Folks I have noticed more then a few people posting their personal email addresses in their posts. You do not need to do that, this is a public forum, you wouldn't write it down and post your email address on a bus station bullentin board would you ? Anyone who wishes to contact you without posting publicly on the boards can simply click on the "Send Private Message" which is directly under each persons name. That way you can "chat" abit through the private message system before you decide to give them your email address, much smarter.

Posted by Bea
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Good point. Many people post their personal info in public places.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Also last names. Many people include their last names as part of their sign in name. That, plus your town name, makes you fairly easy to find. Use a nickname perhaps, and if you have your full name posted, or have included your email, once you sign in, you can go edit your post and delete this information. You can also change your profile name any time you like and it will automatically change your name on all of your previous posts.