Dinner in Florence, Italy June 22, 2012

I will be Florence June 22, 2012 and would like to have dinner with another solo traveler who is interested in exchanging cultural experiences. This is geared toward those documenting solo travel for 30 somethings. Grazie!

Posted by Kari
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I won't be there... BUT... great place to eat... so there is this restaurant that is AMAZING (and not too pricy in florence).... if you go to the piazza that has the replicas of the statue of david and hercules, and an "open air" musem (it's just a bunch of statues)... while facing the statues of the open air musem, there is an alley on the right side of it (it looks kind of sketchy, BUT it's not)... on your right hand side you will see the restaurant as you go down the alley (not terribly far down)...it is MMMAZING... go there!
For the life of me I cannot remember the name... but don't miss it!... i had spinach and goat cheese ravioli there it was great... my friend ordered a steak... i will be in florence on the 2nd of july-the 5th