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Desperately looking for female Travel partner.

I’m Korean-American, a retired professional, who looking for someone who has common interest with passion and curiosity on different cultures for travel and open-minded of age, ethnicity. Basically, I’m foodie when I’m in different country and hope you’re too.
I’m happy healthy and young at heart with spirit of adventure all over the world.
Hope to see you soon!

Susan Chun

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Susan, perhaps it would help if you listed some of the countries that you are most interested in visiting and some general information on types of activities, lodging preferences, etc, that interest you. That is the type of information that people need to know.

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Thank you Carol!
But I’m going to wait until someone respond me then I’ll share my personal preferences with them thru my email which suggested by Rick.
I’m pretty much get along with anybody and willing to accommodate their needs. It has to be mutual respect and flexibility for others to enjoy Happy travel!

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Hi Susan, I see that your post was in August so perhaps you have changed plans but thought I'd try. I have travelled extensively in Europe and am testing the waters with planning for May 2022. I am a retired professional as well and travel on a modest budet generally but times have changed. I am seeking to fill-in the gaps of random areas I've missed and always glad to see favorites again. Do you like nature? I'd love to catch the Chelsea Flower Show and Keukenhof in Amsterdam.

Santa Cruz, CA

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Hello there, I am very interested in possibly meeting and traveling with you to Europe. In fact, I need to go! Originally, I was planning to visit South Africa on January 18th to meet a man, but sadly those plans have failed. This man was separated, but not divorced and started to act weird after a visit with his daughter. I suspect he is getting back with his ex. Totally heartbreaking because I was so in love and looking forward to our time together. Anyway, age is unimportant for a travel partner and I mostly get along with people older than me. Younger is fine too.

About myself- I am 33 and an attorney. I am a dual citizen of both the USA and Italy. I would like to go to any Euro country with you, but for some reason, Switzerland and the Alps in general seem beautiful this time of year. I also love Cyprus. I also love food and to try so many different restaurants.

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Hi Susan,

I came across this post while searching for information on a different subject.

I am a single female traveler. I have booked a trip with Gate 1 to Lisbon/Spain in May, and a 9-day trip to Italy with RS Tour in September. Both trips are my first times with the Tour companies. I would very much like to have a Travel partner to do extra exploration during trips together. It's more fun and we can watch out for each other.

I have a few more years before reaching retirement age. I'm Asian. Only been to Europe once many years ago. I hope to do a couple big trips every year from now on, barring Covid interferences.

Ping me if you want more information.
Silicon Valley, CA

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Ann, I hope you find someone. Susan hasn't been heard from since the first week of August...