cuba for us ladies 50 and over....

for all us ladies over 50, wouldn't it be nice if rick steve's did a trip to cuba? cuba is slowly opening up for americans and alike.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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cuba is slowly opening up for americans and alike The Cuban government has never had any kind of restrictions on anyone entering their country other than simply showing a passport. It's US government that places restrictions on travel to Cuba. While those restrictions have eased a tiny bit under Obama, they could easily be reserved after next election cycle.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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To travel to Cuba from the US legally, you need to go with a licensed (by the US) tour group. I went in March with Road Scholar and it was WONDERFUL. I know there are other tour groups such as Insight that friends have gone on and also enjoyed. My group was mostly women over 60 with a couple husbands thrown in to keep it interesting. Road Scholar was formerly Elderhostel. Go to their website and put Cuba in the search key. I think they have 4 different types of Cuba tours and there is one leaving almost every week. The Cuban people are very friendly. I learned so much and would like to return as soon as I can save up enough money to go again. Our Cuban guide was a former university professor who makes more money working as a tour guide.