Central & South East Europe: Jan/Feb - Mar/Apr 2013

Hi, I'm a 25yo Australian male currently living in Germany. I'll be in Munich until the 23rd of January at which point I was looking at travelling through Central and South East Europe (everything from Austria to Romania down to Greece) for about 10 weeks. The actual starting date is fairly flexible as I can stay in Germany for a few more weeks if needed. I am, however, very flexible about the actual travel plan as I believe spontaneity makes things much more interesting! I was thinking of travelling via rail and stay in fairly cheap hotels, but again, this would be more than open to discussion and would be fine with staying in hostels or driving instead. Regarding the actual travel partner/s I'm looking for, age or gender isn't of any real importance - as long as you like travelling and adventures then that's the main criteria already met!

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