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Big Bus Tours

We wanted to see the lights of Paris before leaving. Rick Steve's had recommended Big Bus Tours and so we signed up for a tour for a group of three. We noticed before we signed up that it said meet at the meeting point, but no where on the web page did they say where that was. We assumed that it would be on the tickets. Wrong. So purchasing the tickets, we spent the next hour trying to determine where to go to begin our tour. No luck. So we asked for a refund about an hour and a half after the reservations and before the tour was to take place. We spent another half an hour trying to figure out how to get in touch with them. They emailed us back and acknowledged our request and said that they were setting up a ticket to look into it. They pulled back the email and have ignored us. The customer service stinks. No phone number, the on line chat is nothing more than answering frequently asked questions and nothing about how to contact them. I would not recommend doing business with a company whose customer service is so poor. We noticed afterwards on Trip Advisor that our problem was not unique to us, but was a regular problem.

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So sorry you are having this unfortunate experience! I can see it has really rattled you or you would have posted this on the reviews section rather than the "travel partners" (looking for someone to travel with you) area. Perhaps you may want to repost?

Also, I wonder if you could clarify exactly what tour you signed up for? Is it different than hop on hop off tour on the website?

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I'm sorry you missed your tour. We bought a two-day regular pass when we were in Paris earlier this month and used it to transport us to different areas in the city. We also purchased Versailles tickets from them for a company they partner with. We had a good experience with Big Bus Tours. The departure info for your tour is on the webpage, but I don't know why they don't have it prominently displayed on the tour's primary page to make it easier for everyone.

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didn't they have a physical office you could visit? or a phone number? Couldn't your hotel's front desk have done some research for you?