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backpacking through Europe mid march 2014

I am 33 yrs. old, male and looking for a companion because this is going to be my first time doing this. I would like to start in france, italy, greece, jerusalem, germany ireland, uk and paris. I will be traveling for one month so I'm not sure if this route would be possible but would like to see as much as I can on a low budget.

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I would like to go along with you on this trip. How can we set-up the details? I am reading the Europe through the back door version 2014 at this moment. Quite interesting about his budget-tips section and perhaps the way he wrote. Someone told me March is still in the Winter time and we'd better pack along a jacket.

Lee / Friday, November 22, 2013 / 8:28 PM

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Hi. This sounds like exactly what I would like to do. Are you still planning this ? I am from Oregon, male, 33 as well.


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It is very hard to matching the people with the right-time to go as a group trip.
As we are going to different places and different climate, we might face the difficulty of some kind.
Traveling companion means we’re keeping eyes to each others for unforeseen of troublesome to come.
Male or female is not an important to join a trip, just keep the proximity and respecting to each other, the more the merrier.
The most important is we are going to exploring the new countries and having a good security of our own. Whoever wants to join as a group should have a physical fitted to carrying the 20 lbs backpack all days and able to climb up to 50-100 steps of ladder (as seen in Rick’s DVD). I, myself go to the Gym five days a week including 30-45 minutes on a treadmill machine, I live in Los Angeles, California.

I’ve answering to Hugo, thinking he might share a plan to discuss how to manage the trip but seem to be he has never check his posting.

Perhaps he might forgot his password and have a tough time to sign in likes I had.

Photoncounter, or anyone has better idea how to go to Europe through the back door?

Lee / Wednesday, December 11, 2013 / 9:11 PM