Backpack Europe Feb/March 2013

I just graduated from college (23 yrs. old), and want to go on an adventure before I enter the working world. Will be in Barcelona in the beginning of February and will be venturing by train from there. I have no specific plans right now, but would love to find a traveling companion for all or some of the trip. There are some places in Europe that I dare not go alone - Prague, Budapest, Athens. Looking for someone in their 20's, and planning on a cheap backpack experience-- sleeping on trains and in cheap hostiles, while still enjoying good food and drinks! Anyone interested in traveling with me?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I won't be able to join you on your trip, but I'm curious about why you "dare not go alone" to Prague, Budapest, or Athens. I have only been to the first two, but there's nothing to fear there for a solo women traveler. Both are heavily visited and you won't be the only young woman there, so you will have no more problems there than in Barcelona. As big cities, there's always lots of all kinds of people around, so you won't be "conspicuous." Of course, if you are going to nightclubs, you have to take precautions (like not drinking anything not poured directly in front of you), but again, you should be taking the same precautions anywhere - including Boulder, CO.

Posted by Margaret
Aschaffenburg, Germany
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Sounds like a great adventure. However, being a young woman myself I want to warn you about making assumptions as to the relative safety or danger of cities. My experience in Barcelona- incessant street "bothering" near-harassment. My sister and I visited together. Men constantly whistled and called to us, sometimes would follow us. We didn't have any real problems but it is unnerving if you aren't used to it. In Prague and Budapest, I didn't have these experiences and felt just fine walking at night, whereas in Barcelona we took cabs back.
It only takes one person to cause you problems- it's not the cities themselves. Always carry enough cash hidden on you to take a cab away from an uncomfortable situation.

Posted by Brandon
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I will be in Barcelona from 8-10 Feb and already have a bed in a hostel. If you are in the Barcelona then and want someone to simply share the experience let me know ahead of time. I will be taking a few short walking tours and otherwise exploring on my own. I would enjoy having someone to take in a meal with. Good luck in your travels. Brandon