April & May 2013 - Eastern Europe

Hey! I'm Sara, 21 years old, American. Living in Lithuania until April 2013 and then planning to do 1 month of backpacking on a pretty tight budget. Looking for a travel partner.. doesn't matter male or female. I'm flexible on where to visit, right now I'm interested in: Tallinn, Moscow, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Prague, Sofia. I'm up for visiting pretty much anywhere in eastern/central Europe. Willing to plan around what travel partner is interested in as well. Message or email me if you are interested! backpacksara@gmail.com

Posted by Wes
Gettysburg, PA, USA
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Labas Sarah. Really cool that you are living in Lithuania. I'm a 19 year old guy, and also an American, planning on backpacking Europe for several months between January and possibly through the summer. I've been studying in the UK but I am dissatisfied with my course so I am going to drop out and backpack Europe until next school year. Last summer I spent around 5 weeks in Lithuania, and I think it is an awesome country and would love to hear about why you chose to live there, and how your language progress is going, Lithuanian is such an ancient and beautiful language...Anyway I also need to keep a pretty tight budget and would like to see Eastern Europe, preferably not alone. Maybe we could be a good team?