Adriatic Coast by rental car (5-6 weeks)

Any one interested in sharing costs and driving on below proposed routing starting 3rd or 4th week in June? (Proposed 5-6 week trip will start in Athens where I plan to rent a car. After touring the Aegean shore in Eastern Greece, plan crossing over to the Adriatic shore via Albania, Montenegro and Croatia into Italy, and back down along Italy's Adriatic shore to Athens via Corfu (ferry service available including auto from Bari, Italy to Corfu Greece for reasonable cost of about Euro 85 per person and Euro 100 for mid-size car) and Patra. (Flexible on routing changes). Proposed routing: See Google-Maps( and click on Get Directions followed by the following destinations (keep on adding destinations until finished): (A) Athens International Airport, Greece (B) Thessoliniki, Greece (C) Dubrovnik Croatia (D) Split, Croatia (E) Venice, Italy (F) Bari, Italy (G) Corfu, Greece (H) Patra, Greece
(I) Athens International Airport, Greece If interested, please respond to George by first week in June. Thanks.

Posted by Maryla
Grapevine, Texas, USA
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Hello George, May I know how old you are. Your trip sounds interesting.

Posted by George
Houston, Texas, USA
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Since I first posted this announcement, I discovered that none of the rental agencies would allow their cars to cross into non-EU countries like Albania and Montenegro. I consequently have to modify my plans for travels from Greece to Croatia by utilizing the ferry systems via Italy and utilizing local rentals or the rail system. Until such plans are modified and firmed up, this post is no longer valid.