Across the USA leaving in Spring of 2012

Hi all, I'm looking for a few smart and experineced travelers to join me across the USA. I started planning this trip a few months ago and here are some points: 1. leaving sometime in March or April when the weather is nicer (Eastern Cost). 2. I live in OH and I'd travel West first then East. 3. The whole trip will be on a very low budget. This mean we will be sleeping in the van, in campgrounds, Walmart, BML or free places such as Walmart, truck stops and others. 4. I want to buy a van. If someone here is interested in joining me and has a van, it will be even better. 5. There are states where I want to spend less time, but there are many where I want to stay longer, such as: UT, CO, CA, AZ, AK and more. 5. Spend some time in National Parks: light hiking will be involved. 6. I did some gas calculations: van vs. a passenger car (or rental). A mini van would get about 20-22 mpg, a newer car or rental would do 32-33 mpg. The difference on 500 miles ( driven per day) is not a lot. This will be offset by the sleeping for free or for less. 7. This trip will be for at least 3 months. Let me know if you are interested.

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I am also planning a trip across USA this Spring/Summer, but I plan to travel Route 66. I need my car since I plan to work in Reno for 3 months.
If we are in the same area, I would love to meet up for a coffee or a meal.

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Bee, I had to change my plans. I'm going to do this trip in 2014 or so. have fun on Rt 66 and stay safe.