Across the United States......from New York

Hi, I've got this grand idea to do a cross-country trip in the US - from New York to California I've considered buses, trains and of course cars. Seems the best way - the most fun would be a simple road trip Here's the plan : rent a car in NY, and drive all the way to California........stopping in several places along the way The second option is to rent an RV, so we don't need to spend on hotel/motel costs I've never driven an RV before, so I have no idea how much those go for these days. Anyway, that's not important. We can sort out those details later )))))) For now, I'd just like to find someone who's interested in such a trip I was thinking of doing it this August or September. I am totally open as far dates are concerned. And, as far as the trip itself goes...........I don't really care which cities we stop in along the way. But, one stipulation : one of the places must be New Orleans (haha) I've been dying to visit there So, who's with me?

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