Looking for fairly affordable, fairly sunny 2 month stay in Jan/Feb?

Hi all...Looking for fairly affordable, fairly sunny 2 month stay in Jan/Feb? Any and all ideas appreciated. Karen Smilesalot!

Posted by Rocco
Little Falls, New York, USA
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Was thinking about a 30 day trip to Italy-up one coast and down another via RV. I get some good reports and some bad comments? Gas prices, narrow streets etc. Rocco

Posted by Stephanie
Greenville, NC, United States
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Well I am traveling to Rome in January and then London and Paris I enjoy Europe during the off season...don't know if you were thinking tropical or not.

Posted by Sally
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Karen: There aren't too many places in Europe that would be classified as fairly sunny in Jan/Feb as that is their winter also. Is that the only time you can travel? I am available to travel same time frame, but would go to a more southern destination. Are you looking for a travel partner or just ideas? Warm is Caribbean, Islands, Central America some places in Mexico. Maybe the Costa Del Sol, (Spain) but it isn't real warm there at that time.

Posted by Karen
Lynden, WA, United States
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Thank you all. I have made my plans to go to southern Turkey and check out the off-season and then finish up a couple weeks in Seville/Malaga. All of your ideas and comments have been greatly appreciated. I am just crazy about Turkey in the high season, so decided to see what winter is like there. Surely there will be off and on sunny days and the temps will not get too low. If you have any suggestions for these spots-- I am glad to hear them. Take care,

Posted by alana
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hi karen im in istanbul until the 22 of jan if you want to meet up let me know...

Posted by Marilyn
Santa Cruz, CA
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Karen, I love southern Turkey. I hope you will post your adventure stories. Did you stay in Kas? I have only been there prior to high season and have considered staying the winter as well. There are several nice places to swim and great food and perhaps the club is still there.

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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I love both Turkey and Southern Spain. I'd suggest taking some warm clothing- I've been in S. Spain a few times in Jan/Feb and it can get very chilly. Have a great time!

Posted by Karen
Lynden, WA, United States
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hi all, just wanted to report, decided on SW turkey and have been delighted--- DELIGHTED. so much so, i bought a house here and am planning on sticking around. town's name is yalikavak (outside of bodrum city) i have been here now 31 days and i am 100% i made the right choice really think of it as a 'no brainer"...or as "paradise found" ...so if anyone is interested in knowing more about a first hand experience here---i will be happy to share the info. all the best, Karen Yali (new nick name :-)