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63YO. Toe in the water. Looking for fluent French speaker and travel companion. Travel to Paris+.

Hi I'm a 63 year old single Australian guy that has done a lot of travel over the years. In latter years this has mainly been by myself although my adult son and I did recently visit Cuba for the music :)

I'm in the early stages of writing a historical/novel and although I have traveled to France a couple of times recently I'm finding my inability to speak French a real problem. I don't have any problems with normal touristy conversation but I would like to have a companion that could help me with my research. The help would require somebody that appreciates historical "sensitivities" and also has a knowledge of how to negotiate the French cultural/legal/social system (at a non-professional level). Perhaps I'm asking too much?

At this stage I'm just dipping a toe into the water to see if such a person exists and could then potentially take it further with respect to timing, and arrangements Etc. I'm not looking at this as a paid position. Rather is would just be for fun, however I wouldn't expect anyone to be out of pocket.

When not working on the book I like to visit nice restaurants, drink nice red wine and have intelligent conversation. I'm up for Opera, Cabarets and Jazz clubs. I'd like to stay in Montmartre and possibly travel in the Pyrenees.

Is there anyone out there who's interested? :) :) :)

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