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(Late Dec 13 - Early Jan 14) Multi-Country? Open Plans!

Hey all! My name is Rae; I'm a 19-year-old female college student, and I'm planning on studying abroad in Europe for the whole year next year. I'll be in Limerick, Ireland for the fall semester, and then outside of Hamburg, Germany, for the spring semester. That leaves me with 21 Dec 13 - 09 Jan 14 between semesters, where I'd really like to find someone to travel around with. I don't have a preference to age, gender, or anything like that, just as long as everyone can easily walk around the different cities and national parks or whatever we go and see. I don't need to have plans the entire break, so please still let me know even if you'll only be traveling for part of that time period! I also don't really care where we go in Europe. I'd love to see anything and everything, Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern... though I suspect Northern might not be the smartest choice for the middle of winter. I speak English and have a basic understanding of German. It'd be cool to travel with someone who knows another language so we have an easier time traveling from place to place, but even if you only know English, that's still totally fine! Oh, and as to the travel itself... I'm a college student, so I'd really like to see as much as possible while spending as little as possible. Cheaper sleeping arrangements and traveling by rail, bus, or hitchhiking is all great for me.

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Rae, I will be in Europe at that time and I might go to Paris for Christmas or/and New Year. I'm actually open to go anywhere, but Paris is amazing at that time of the year. I'm older than you, in my 40's, but still feeling and acting younger.