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26-year-old married female seeking female travel companion for 2018

Looking to travel in July 2018 through Greece (Athens and Santorini), Italy, France and England. Wanting to mostly airbnb places, use a eurail pass through 3 countries. England doesn't do Eurail. Trying to save money so not eating out every night but here and there to still experience cultural meal.
Traveling from Western Canada so will fly to and from Gatwick through Ryanair.
Haven't booked any of this yet but would like to soon! Just waiting for a reliable, passionate, organized travel partner to split costs and be safer with! Contact me and we can plan out and compare sights we want to see! Budget is 4-6 thousand... if you can only come to 2 out of the 4 places, totally fine.
No creepy replies please. Only serious response. Thx.

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I hope this doesn't count as a "creepy" response.

  1. You might need to state how long you plan to be gone to give people an idea if this is a match for their plans.

  2. Eurail pass may not be the best choice if you are aiming for budget travel. Do a little more research on this one.

Good luck finding your travel companion!!

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Second the advice to think carefully before getting Eurail pass , they aren't as flexible and easy to use as they were when I was young !! Many of the long distance or high speed trains require pass holders to make reservations ( and there is an extra fee for that ) and they limit the amount of pass holder reservations allowed on each trian .

Plan route carefully and several point to point tickets bought well in advance can be much cheaper than a pass . Don't believe the fancy commercials on tv ! Lol

Also flights from London to greek islands can be dirt cheap , we flew from London to Mykonos last June for 50 euros on easy jet !

Santorini is pricey stretch your island budget by getting hotel in Kamari( beach town) on Santorini and maybe only spending two days there and getting over to some of the cheaper better islands ( ferries easy cheap ) like Naxos or Paros !

Good luck finding a partner but if not go anyways !

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Good luck finding your travel partner and have a great trip.

About the Eurail pass, if you find that it works out for you - it might be worth checking if the pass has to be for countries that touch. So what three countries? Italy, France and ....?

Also, be aware that rail passes are particularly difficult to use in two specific countries -

First is France because you have to buy mandatory reservations to use the faster IC and TGV trains. These reservations are often hard to get because they are rationed for pass holders, even if there are unsold seats on the train, and are not cheap. So flexibility goes out the window in France.

Second is Italy. Train tickets are really cheap in Italy, but pass holders have to pay €10 for mandatory reservations on Trenitalia high speed trains and passholders are not accepted on Italo trains, nor on many of the private trains or Trenord (even if the train has Trenitalia painted on the train).

I believe that many or most of the international trains in and out of Greece have been stopped.