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22 y.o. girl looking for travel partner for Europe this Summer

I will be doing a study abroad in Spain that finishes on the 15th of July, and from there I will be extending my trip for over a month. I am looking for a chick in her 20s-30s to travel with and have a good time, because I do not by any means plan on traveling alone. I'm interested in visiting Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Italy, and England. I will likely end up in London before I head back to the states because that's where my sister lives, and I would love to re-visit Italy but it isn't a necessity for me. I haven't decided on the destinations or travel details, because I don't plan to do a lengthy trip solo. I'm really easy-going, adventurous, level-headed, with a wild side. I am in dire need of a travel buddy. So if anyone is interested in traveling with me, we can figure out the details together!

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What is your budget and time frame? Instead of having one person to do the whole trip with, you could also consider buddies for each destination. Someone looking to go to Greece, Italy, etc.

I'm always up for traveling, and being currently located in Germany it makes it quite easy. But I also have what feels like 100 weddings to attend this summer and am volunteering at a children's camp at the end of August, beginning of September. So....priorities mean I may not be as free as what you are looking for.

I am also considering a trip back to Canada at some point in the summer, so would also have to take that into consideration.

If you're interested we can talk further. And let me know if you add Germany to your list ;-)

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My budget is flexible, and my time frame is from July 15- August 18
I think that is a really good idea, if I could find that many on board!
I could definitely add Germany to my list, I'm really up for anything at this point,
I am indeed interested :)

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hi. how long do you plan on spending in each country? I'm a 19 year old law student from the uni of leeds, and am also in dire need of a travel buddy! i only plan on going somewhere for around a week though, but i would love to meet you in greece/italy/morocco and we could travel together for a short while?

I also have studied spanish to a level, and absolutely love it! so would love to practice some spanish with you too if youre up for it!