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2019 Partner Spain to Turkey. All or partial

2019: After 2 mos in Haiti and 1 more in Dom. Rep. I will be heading to Madrid in March then working my way across Europe to get to Turkey by June where I will be spending 3 months. I have an itinerary penciled in but very flexible. I'm a full time traveler but welcome partners for any segment. I travel very minimalistic because I don't like hauling unneeded stuff around. I prefer female company because the single thing fellow travelers do the most together is conversation and I'd rather travel solo than listen to endless stories about cars, sports and outdoor cooking. Age doesn't matter as long as you're young at heart and mature enough to have common sense. I can communicate in several languages but fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. My public transportation modes in order of preference are ferries, trains, buses, planes. I'm an active Couchsurfer when traveling solo as well as Airbnb, hostels, etc. If sharing accommodation costs with a partner I can become less primitive :) . If you are a digital nomad, I can help with writing, researching, and editing (not for credit, just because I enjoy it). Why do I prefer traveling with a partner? S.C.E.C.H. - Safety, Cheaper, more Efficient, more Convenient, Healthier (ever seen a sane hermit).

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