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45-55 married travelers

My wife and I are 53 and 51 and recently retired. It's not easy to find other marrieds our age who are retired and love travelling. Let me know if you're interested. We're from NY and love meeting new people

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Have you thought about starting a RS travel club? If you read the general forum topics various cirties have monthly meetings at cafes or bookstores. I would try the forums at Fommer's or Tripadvisor so you cast a wide net to meet with people in your area.
For a moment there I tought the topic was aboout travelling with 45 to 55 people in a group not the ages of the travelers.

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Keith, look at the General Europe forum. There's already one post there about a meeting in Sacramento on September 20 and more will probably show up soon since the 3d Saturday is a common date for these meetings. I don't know why. There was also a thread a few months ago about how these meetings got - and get - started. If I can find it I'll post the link.

Are you in NYC? There are several active posters from there and the environs. Good luck with your search!