Hi all, I'm "planning" on a trip to Italy in September - 2 weeks. I would like to meet up with people and share the experience or possibly travel together if that works also. I've never been to Europe! I'm 54 year old active woman, easy going ... just would like to have someone to share the experience with ... doesn't have to be the entire time ... So if you are planning on being their, please communicate. Thanks, Laura

Posted by Liz
Spokane, WA, USA
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Hello Laura, I just signed up on Rick Steve's website and came across your email. I don't know when you were going to be in Italy, but I'll tell you about myself and our plans and if you would be interested in meeting up, just let me know :-) I'm also in my early 50s, lived in Europe for many years in my '20s and '30s, and also travelled extensively throughout Europe. This summer starting mid-August, our family is taking an extended trip to Europe - first time we have ever gone as a family. My husband will only be with us for the last three weeks of our trip since he can't be away from work the whole time. Thus, the first part of the trip, I will be travelling alone with our two children, ages 13 and 15. This more likely than not wouldn't be a very appealing scenaro, but if you happened to be interested I would certainly enjoy and prefer having another adult with us when travelling through Italy. FYI, we expect to travel to Italy on approx Aug 30. We will be in Venice for a couple of days, and in Rome for about a week (we plan day trips to Florence and Pompeii while in Rome).

Posted by Don
Vallejo, CA, USA
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Hi, Laura! I've lived and worked in Europe over the years amd have made six visits there. I'm in my sixties, but everyone thinks I look and act much younger. As far as Italy is concerned, I've only visited the place once, back in 1996. It's a wonderful place: I saw some of Venice, Rome (incl. Ostia Antica), Florence, Lucca, and Rio Maggiore (one of the Cinque Terre towns). At the time (1996) I had studied Italian for three semesters in California, but I admit I'm somewhat rusty now. I loved almost everything about Italy: the art and architecture, the food, the wine, the people, the crazy Vespa riders! I've usually stayed in hostels or simple (cheaper) hotels, since I've always gone to Europe alone. Rick Steves' recommendations are usually pretty good. I speak good German, fair French, some Spanish and the Itaian I mentioned. Since I'm now retired, my time is my own. I haven't yet made any plans for Europe in the fall, but maybe we could get together sometime. I might be headed up to Vancouver, BC sometime this summer. Arrivaderci! Don from California