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Washington DC area (and beyond) virtual meeting Sunday May 2, 10:00 am ET

The Washington DC area travel group will be meeting virtually this Sunday at 10 ET. A new feature of our meeting is photo Show and Tell. This month's topic is Food and Drink. Each person is invited to show one or two pictures from their travels that evoke special memories on the topic of the month. We tried Show and Tell last month and it was lots of fun. Please send me a pm if you would like the Zoom link to join us.

I'm not sure when we will return to in-person meetings. DC is still limiting restaurant capacity, so it will be a while. We have met 13 times since March 2020 and are starting to get the hang of this Zoom thing. People who live far from Washington DC have become regular attendees and new friends, and we don't want to lose touch. So, for now, we are still virtual.

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I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing pictures tomorrow