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(Virtual) East Bay (SF area) Travel Group Meeting - Sat, Mar 21, 2020

OK, everyone, I'm going to try to host our first (and hopefully only!) virtual travel group meeting!

WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 2020 @ 11am

I'm guessing you can all make this because, um, what else do we have to do?!?
(But please do let me know anyway so that I know to send you the meeting link.)

WHERE: virtual meeting (URL to be provided via PM once I have it set up)
- if all goes to plan, I'll send a PM with instructions to participate
Audio: there will be a phone number to join the conversation
Video: there will be a meeting link that you'll click on (from your phone, tablet or laptop) to have video of everyone who decides to participate via video (which will be optional!)

(Note: you may have to download a small app to your device ….stay tuned for instructions.)

TOPIC: travel planning withdrawals, trip rescheduling, etc
And with any luck, we'll hear that Carol and Tony are safely back from Spain.

This meeting will be BYO - Bring Your Own coffee, Bring Your Own chair. BYO device to connect to the virtual meeting.

OK, wish me luck in pulling this off! It's been a while since I did this with my teams at work …. let's see if I can remember how it's done!

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Brava to you CW, you’re a great leader!

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Great!! I hope our elderly PC's / phones can cooperate!
Lauri and Ed

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Great idea! Was going to PM you to let you know that after much frustration we arrived home at 2am today. No issues upon arrival and thanks to the new directive we don't even have to self quarantine; it's being ordered for us. We all have to keep up our spirits during these trying times.

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Oh, I love it!
FWIW, a few days ago I participated in a group on line meeting for my dance organization (canceling everything at least through May.)
We used google hang-outs which worked well except that there seemed to be a 10 person limit. Even when someone logged out, dropping the number, no one else could log in.
I'd love to be a part of this on Saturday, so please count me in.
And thanks! This social distancing is vital but will get old pretty fast!

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Thanks, onefastbob, here's hoping we can pull it off!

Laura B, it's a good point about the older devices. I'll set up a test with you so we can try it in advance.

SharYn, excellent point on the limit. The software I'm going to try first says the free version allows 100 participants, so we should be set. That is, assuming they don't have to set anything up for me, in which case I hope there is staff to do it. With luck, it's automated.

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Carol, thank heavens!! I've been so worried about you both. So very glad you are home and can join us all in our isolations!

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Thank you so much! We will try to attend!

and Carol, glad you're back safely!

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Yes, please send me the link and if my social activities schedule isn't busy [;]] i will join you.

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Excellent idea, Catherine. I like the way you are making lemonade out of lemons!

Great to hear that Carol & Tony are back home from Spain!

See you Saturday!


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For those who plan to join our virtual meeting on Saturday, please choose which device you want to use - laptop, tablet, phone - and go to Google Play (Android) or the Apple Store (iPhones) and download "Adobe Connect." Adobe is giving a free trial of their Connect software for 90 days during the crisis.

Advantage of using a laptop: you don't have to hold up your phone so that we can see your lovely self, but you're stuck in one place. It will be much easier to use the "controls" (audio, video, chat) from a laptop than from the small screen of a phone.

Advantage of using a tablet or phone: you can walk around the house while you talk to us, but you have to hold your phone up for us to see you. And the "meeting room" will be very small on a laptop.

Edit: I have just sent the meeting link to each of you via PM.

3/18/20 Revised to Provided Next Steps:

After you've downloaded Adobe Connect (and click "run" or "Install" on your device):

  • Click the link that I sent you via PM (if you need the link, please send a PM)
  • Adobe Connect should start up and you will see a notice "waiting for presenter to accept you" (or some such thing)
  • Until I "accept" you into the room, it will just stay like that; I'll check my laptop periodically to let people in
  • see my further instructions in the "Discussion Notes" pod that I hope you'll see on the left of the Adobe Connect meeting room
  • follow those steps to test your Audio and Video before Saturday morning
  • if you have any trouble, leave a comment in the "Chat pod" and I'll stop by my laptop to help

After you have everything working, on Saturday morning:

  • Log back into the Adobe Connect room about 10:45 to make sure everything is still working
  • I hope we'll be able to start smoothly at 11am and talk travel!

It won't be perfect, but hey - it's lemonade!!

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If you are planning to use your laptop, to avoid "feedback" through your external microphone you'll either need to:

1) use headphones connected to your laptop
2) turn off your external mic when you're not speaking so that the audio doesn't "feed back" through your mic to create an echo

It's possible that cellphone users may need to do the same.....please be prepared with your headphones (Bluetooth or wires are both fine)

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I just joined the group and am hoping to receive the test URL so I can try to attend the meeting on Saturday. Would you please send me the URL?

Thank you.
Lauri F.

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Hi Lauri - welcome! I'll send it to you now.


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Thanks, Catherine, for setting up this virtual meeting. Not as good as in person but a whole lot better than no meeting at all. We missed those who couldn't make it. We can only hope the situation improves for next month. Stay healthy!

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So sorry to have missed out virtual meeting yesterday due to technical difficulties on my part.

Carol I heard you shared a fabulous recap of your most recent trip to Spain. Any chance of you posting a Trip Report?

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It really was fun to hear about your trip, Carol and Tony!

Our next e-meeting may have to be to talk about "trips from the archives" :-)

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Hi, Christine Posting a trip report would require writing one :) I'm working on organizing our pictures and making a photo book. I have never written a trip report but will try to do one after the photos. Thanks for your interest!

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Carol I was encouraged a couple of years ago by a RS forum member to write a trip report. It ended up being a really positive experience! I loved reminiscing about my trip and I received so many complimentary responses from people of the forum.

As you know, I love to make photo albums, too. I used my completed photo album as a rough draft to help write my trip report. Hope this helps inspire you!