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Tulsa Area Travel Group Meeting September 16, 2023

The next Tulsa Area Rick Steves Travel Group Meeting will be Saturday, September 16 at Panera Bread at 41st and Hudson in Tulsa (that's 5601 E. 41st, between Yale and Sheridan), at 10:00 a.m.

Kim sent me a message; she has yet another new scrapbook ready for us to see this month. Believe me, her scrapbooks are well worth the price of a cup of coffee. Several of our regulars are just back from trips, so there should be good stories to share. We should also have the latest on how our friends Dale and Patsy are doing.

Our meetings are all about sharing our experiences and learning from others. We love hearing each other's stories, asking questions, and offering our own hints and tips. For those of you who are new to travel groups, picture this: A congenial group of folks who, when they ask to see your pictures, mean all of them. A group of folks who mean it when they say "Tell me all about your trip." A group of folks whose eyes do not glaze over when you start talking about your travel, whether it be travel past, future, or just hypothetical. A group of folks who are eager to learn, share, ask and answer questions, give and receive advice. For some of us, the meeting is the high point of our month! (Yes, I've posted that before, but I think it epitomizes the spirit of our meetings.)

And as always, all travel related topics are open for discussion, and all comers are welcome. It's an open forum - come join in the fun.

If you love to travel, or would like to travel, or are curious about travel, come join us. Anyone is welcome; you don't have to have been on a Rick Steves tour, or any tour at all. You'll recognize us by the RS books on the table, and the big smiles on our faces.

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