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Tulsa Area Travel Group Meeting November 16

Well, now the calendar says November, but the weather says February! We went from 15 degrees above normal early in October to 20 degrees below normal this past week. There evidently is no such thing as "normal" weather in Oklahoma.

But we travel junkies are more concerned with what trips we have taken, what trips we plan to take, and what trips we dream of taking. Luckily, we have another travel group meeting coming up!

Our next travel group meeting will be Saturday, November 16, at Panera Bread at 41st and Hudson (that's 5601 E. 41st, between Yale and Sheridan), at 10:00 a.m. No special topic this month, but I'd like to get some input from folks on traveling on points. I'm looking at a Capital One Venture card, but I'm not sure if it's worth the fee. We've never used points, so I'm ready to be educated.

And as always, all topics are open for discussion, and all comers are welcome. It's an open forum - come join in the fun.

If you love to travel, or would like to travel, or are curious about travel, come join us. Anyone is welcome; you don't have to have been on a Rick Steves tour, or any tour at all. You'll recognize us by the RS books on the table, and the big smiles on our faces.

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Our meeting is this Saturday; everyone in NE Oklahoma or the neighboring areas of Kansas, Missouri, or Arkansas is welcome.

I've been in touch with Kim, and we're both ready for some travel talk. I'm hoping to have a list of where Stan and I are staying on our 2020 Italy jaunt, and yes, I want to learn more about credit cards that have points. I'm particularly interested in the British Airways Visa card (which my sister has, and loves) and the Capitol One Venture card. My main concern is that we don't spend enough money to make the cards worth the annual fee. I need some experienced users to guide me!

So come join us. We don't have to talk about credit cards; any travel tales, dreams, or experiences are on the table. We always have a wonderful time.

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I am ready after the two days of work! Boy I hate computers if you get my drift! Ha.

Getting my ducks in a row for our 2020 trip. Going to see my travel agent tomorrow!