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Tulsa Area Travel Group Meeting December 21

We had some visitors from Chicago at church this morning. When the priest was talking to them after Mass, he said "Here's what Oklahoma weather is like:" And he swooped his arm up high, then plunged it down near the floor. Then swooped it up high, and plunged it down again. The visitors laughed, and said "Yes, we've been here for five days, so we know that already."

Today is a plunge down day; all the more reason for us to dream of travel to warmer climes. And on a day like today, almost all climes are warmer. Luckily, we have another travel group meeting coming up!

Our next travel group meeting will be Saturday, December 21, at Panera Bread at 41st and Hudson (that's 5601 E. 41st, between Yale and Sheridan), at 10:00 a.m. We are so ready for this meeting. A number of our regulars have lost friends and family members in the last 5 weeks. We're ready for friendship and sharing our travel memories, plans, and dreams

At least three of us who will be there have trips planned for next year to England and Italy, and Jesse just got back from Spain, so we're eager to hear about that. And as always, all topics are open for discussion, and all comers are welcome. It's an open forum - come join in the fun.

If you love to travel, or would like to travel, or are curious about travel, come join us. Anyone is welcome; you don't have to have been on a Rick Steves tour, or any tour at all. You'll recognize us by the RS books on the table, and the big smiles on our faces.
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David's post is about a spammy thing someone else had posted - not my OP!

And thanks, David.

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Hey, everyone in Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas! Take some time off from holiday prep and drop in to share a couple of hours of guaranteed stress-free enjoyment. We always have a great time, and we love to meet new folks.