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Tulsa Area Travel Group Meeting, August 21, 2021

Can you believe it's already August? Well, the weather sure has been acting like it, with temps in the triple digits this past weekend. We're ready to relax with lively conversation with interesting people. So...

Our next travel group meeting will be Saturday, August 21, at Panera Bread at 41st and Hudson (that's 5601 E. 41st, between Yale and Sheridan), at 10:00 a.m. (If the Covid delta numbers keep climbing, we may decamp to an outdoor venue, but for now, let's be optimistic. Should our plans change, I'll post it here.)

We had a great time lat month, and are ready to do it again on the 21st. Kim will be back (yay!), and we had a couple of new folks last month who said they'd be back. We've also had some reach out to us on Facebook, saying they're interested in joining us.

I'm sure we'll be talking about the trips we have planned. Diane has a couple of trips planned this year (!), and Stan and I have a long trip planned for spring of 2022. I've started reserving hotels, and am still open for suggestions for side trips. Kim and her hubs David also have a number of trips lined up, and we're eager to hear what she has planned. And we haven't finished "grilling" the newbies, so there will be plenty to talk about.

And as always, all topics are open for discussion, and all comers are welcome. It's an open forum - come join in the fun.

If you love to travel, or would like to travel, or are curious about travel, come join us. Anyone is welcome; you don't have to have been on a Rick Steves tour, or any tour at all. You'll recognize us by the RS books on the table, and the big smiles on our faces.

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