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Stumptown Portland Travel Group meeting June 17th

This is the Oregon group!!!!

Panera Bread on Nyberg Rd Tualatin 10:00 am

gametime decision inside or out. The table was having a bit of trouble hearing the other end of the table. It's going to be hard to follow up on last months meeting. We are depending on the group to provide any trip reports. Even if it was to the grocery were the strawberries? How did you find your Carrefour store? Was the checker friendly? Did you have to bag your own picnic? Was the sommelier any good? Give us the deets

I'm reaching me out here

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See you on the 17th but first we have a question.
We are interested in taking a Panama Canal repositioning cruise, i.e., going the full way through the canal. Has anyone taken one?
What are your recommendations for cruise lines?

Tom and Pauline

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Hey Tom, I have been researching a transitional cruises through the canal from San Diego to Florida, either Tampa or Fort Lauderdale depending on the cruise line. My great uncle was one of the engineers that helped in the construction so it is on my bucket lists things to do. I have been looking at Holland America Lines for a couple of reasons. One being that HAL has smaller ships so this provides smaller passenger list for a more intimate cruise. 2,100 passengers is far more manageable than 4,200 for me due to my dislike of strangers. The other reason I like HAL is that the smaller ship will use the original locks and donkeys.
HAL is also more oriented towards the more mature clientele, unless you are into water slides and Jell-O shots then maybe check into carnival cruises. Don’t get me wrong, I truly adore children as long as they aren’t screaming down the hallways at 11:00 at night or drunks aren’t banging on my door at 2:00am because their key doesn’t work in my door. I’ll be honest with you, I have never been on any other cruise line but I have heard a lot of horror stories and have done a lot of research so take it for what it’s worth.
I’m shooting for next January myself. Safe travels!