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Silicon Valley Travel Craze September Meeting

Hello all,

This is the thread for our September meeting. I was not able to attend the one on 8/24 due to a family emergency.
How did the meeting go? Has the next meeting date been discussed?

I am thinking Sat 9/28 should work well, although I would like to see if most of you could make it.

Alternate date would be Sat 9/21.


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Hi Rebecca,
At this point, either is okay for me and I look forward to the opportunity to attend!

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I would like to set the meeting on Sat. 9/28 at 2pm. Most of the meetings will likely be held on 4th or last Sat of the month.
Location: Le Boulanger in Mountain View.
650 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

I will not be there due to a prior commitment. Hopefully we will have a good turnout!

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I would probably be on board for either date. We did veer a bit off topic last time, might want to consider active moderation.

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I’m fine for either.

May I suggest some sharing topics for next time?

  • What do you take in your toiletry kit
  • Where is your favorite place in Europe (so far)
  • What is your bucket list place?
  • What is your favorite mode of travel?
  • Which mode of travel confused your the most?

We probably won’t get through this list (at least, not all at once)!but it would be nice to hear others thoughts.

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How did the meeting go? I’m interested in attending the next one.

Thank you.

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Hi folks -
Are we still on for tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 in Mountain View?
Is so I’ll see you there!

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Hello, will we have a meeting in October? Nov/Dec might be questionable due to the holidays.

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Since it is a short notice, I wonder if there is enough interest for a meeting this Saturday?
I won't be able to attend due to need to help my son's marching band competition.
Please post a reply if you are interested in having a meeting this Saturday. Otherwise we will have to schedule another time.

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You might consider a new thread regarding an October meeting in order to get the attention of more people.