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San Antonio Texas travel group?

Is anyone interested in starting a travel group in San Antonio or does anyone know of one that already exists?

I love going to the RS reunions because I get to talk to so many fellow travelers. Not only do I connect with others with similar interests, I learn so much! I would like to connect with others here in my own town.

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Remember to send the franchise fee in to the usual place, and you must have the meetings at Panera Bread.

See the way that meetings are held in Denver and Sacramento for protocol.


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Carmen, we started one in the Moscow/Lewiston Idaho area a couple of years ago. We have a great time! Since the closest Panera to us is 300 miles away we meet at a local coffee place usually on the 3rd Sat of the month. So far we have not sent the Colorado bunch a franchise fee nor have we buckled under and sent Eileen in Sacramento a bottle of limoncello as her fee! We are an independent group!

We first got together when we noted 3 of us who posted on the forums lived within 40 or so miles of each other. A couple of us keep an eye out for forum posters who live in the area and send the a PM to see if they are interested in coming. We have a couple of folks who drive about 2 hours!

Not all of us have been on RS tours. Most of us are interested in light travel but that's not a requirement! We all are interested in chatting about travel, hearing about others' trips, and picking up tips and advice from others.

Good luck in getting your group started!

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The Sacramento group has been meeting for 5 years. Some have taken RS tours, but most of us travel independently. It's a fantastic way to get together once a month with people who love travel as much as I do! I've also met up with other people on this forum. We had a travel meeting in D.C. a couple of years ago, I had met Darcy when she came to Sacramento, then my husband and I had lunch with her and Pam (both from the Idaho group) in Paris last fall, Jo from Frankfurt came to one of our meetings, then last fall she showed us around her beautiful city, and last but not least we met Nigel and his lovely wife when we were in England last fall. I have made wonderful friends through our group.

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I don't know of one that already exists but I have never looked for one myself. Let me know what you learn and/or if you decide to try to start something yourself.

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thanks for all of your encouragement and input!

i am interested in getting together with people that are interested in traveling--they don't have to be RS tour members. i posted on this forum because i like the type of travelers that RS attracts from his tours, books and shows.

i think it would be fun to get together, have coffee or a margarita, share pictures, stories, and exchange information/knowledge.

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With that formula, Carmen, I don't see how you can lose...

I have a special eye on this one, not because we are locals living several thousand miles away as we do, but I am married to a lady who has a degree from Trinity....

Good luck

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Carmen, since I'm a Texan, I'm waiving the first month's 'franchise fee' ;-) I DO require y'all to find a good chicken fried steak and/or some biscuits and sausage gravy to eat in my honor sometime this month. It's a cold, cold world out here (outside of Texas)! Even our local Chili's recently stopped serving chicken fried steaks! The Horror!!!

Good luck with your group!

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Oh Eileen, you can make a body hungry.

I used to take my now wife courtin' at Fran's Cafe in Oak Lawn in Dallas to have the best Chicken Fried Steak in the whole world. Now we're married. See how that works....