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Portland, (Or) Travel group meeting Jan 21 10:00 am

Panera Bread in Tualatin. Bring your hopes & dreams, travel success & disappointments. We want to hear it all. the unvarnished truth.

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It’s time! You know who you are! All those movers and shakers of the travel world in the big Rose City will gather come the third Saturday of the month.
Make haste dear voyagers. Huddle around strong brewed mugs of warmth while we ruminate over journeys both past and future. Partake in the nourishment of both body and soul as we break bagel…er, I mean bread. If your new to the group, well welcome! To the rest of you old souls, Paul and I have a special guest we hope to bring to the party! See you all Saturday!

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331 posts punched up my hum drum message a bit. Is the special guest Santa? or one of the reindeer?

I am hoping to have 1-3 guests and/or new members also. They want to know about Paris. Looking forward to kicking off '23 with a bang!

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My wife and I would like to attend. Can we just show up? If so, is it the Panera across the freeway from Cabelas? It is always good to talk travel!

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Yes it is across from Cabella's. Same (big) parking lot as Best Buy. No attendance taken, no dues asked. First timers or long time travelers doesn't matter. It is Europe focused but on occasion other areas enter the discussion. By my calculation the 3rd Saturday in February is the 18th. If i'm wrong someone will correct me. See you there!