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Portland, Or Travel group Feb 18 10:00 am

Same bat place same bat time Panera Bread in Tualatin

May have some new travelers. I posted the picture of our group on RS Facebook group & got some interest. I would like to set some time at the start to have travelers talk about their last trip since our last meeting. So Tom & Paulette we need pictures, graphs & bold arrows pointing at beachy scenes from Costa Rica! And your zip line video ;=))

we will be sure to have the newcomers talk about places they've been & places they want to visit.

See you all then

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As long as we get the white water rafting video and pictures of the volcano sacrifice, we will let the zip line slide, Tom.

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Hello-A note to say we won’t be there tomorrow-getting over colds.
Just firmed up our flights for our Viking Christmas Markets tour along the Elbe in Dec-excited!

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Diane, me too! Mine is from Hawaii. Actually, now that I think about it I think my video is of the friend who I was in Hawaii with. She lives in West Linn. A local!

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Well that was a great meeting. So fun to see so many new travelers. I think I counted 22 people at the table. It will be fun to get to know everyone better in the coming year. Thanks to Laurel for the drawing for her 2 books. That was very generous.

I fear we may be out growing the Panera bread location so keep tuned for alternate place to meet. Some of the members are going to look into nearby library rooms. In a pinch I could reserve our HOA clubhouse. But we live in Wilsonville & that is a bit longer drive for our northern members.

Thanks to everyone again.It was very fun

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Ok...recon completed today. We are staying put! I talked to the Panera manager & he was fine with us meeting. The lovely Sara with an H & I scouted the back area & I think we can move the tables into a configuration to fit our members. Maybe a U shape?

We scouted in order today:
- Wilsonville Library (right off I-5) wanted $40/hr for the room. A bit of a haul for some members
- Miller Homestead in Tualatin a bit small
- Tigard Library Only the one big room & pretty much reserved for City of Tigard events
- Tualatin Library Nice room off the entrance. Has screen for video or pictures. Who wants to see my pictures! $50/hr for non residents. I really liked this room & staff was very friendly
- Shari's in Tualatin across the street from Fred's. We could configure chairs into any config. Bigger than most of the Shari's. Downside? Showing some wear & tear
- Thought about the HomeBuilders assoc building. I am a member & served on the Board several terms. I can ask if Panera doesn't work. May not be possible since we meet on a weekend. They have a couple nice spaces
- Then back to Panera to talk to the manager