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past graffiti wall info

Sorry I'm posting this here, but I'm not sure what to do with the following info and who to forward it to. So it could possibly go back up on this site if need be?

I was looking through old Word documents from Winter 2013 on my computer and I have about 1,000 pages of past graffiti wall posts/comments. (Some info is outdated- ex. ATMs vs. Traveler checks). I have the following-

Archive-sleeping on trains
Archive-servas tales
Archive-laundry tactics
Archive-anti-americanism-reports from travelers
Archive-ugly american sightings
Archive- "toilet training" in Europe
Archive-cyber cafés
Archive-eastern European tips
Archive-cool factory tours
Archive-European TV guide
Archive-favorite gestures- 2006-2010
Archive-gross traditional edibles
Archive-best open-air museums
Archive-sleeping in airports
Archive-strikes in europe
Archive-has travel changed you? 2010
Archive-learning from europe
Archive-new year's travel revelations
Archive-ATMs vs. Traveler's checks
Archive-favorite cafeterias
Archive-decadent experiences
Archive-drinking the water
Archive-€uro support group
Archive-house swapping stories
Archive-jet lag cures
Archive-ultimate picnic spots
Archive-reports from travelers in europe
Archive-most scenic train rides
Archive-hitting the festivals
Accessible Europe

There may be a few others in there too somewhere.

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