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Moscow Travel Meeting

At last our group gets to meet again!
If you have travel dreams or travel plans and love to talk about travel--which would explain why you're on Rick's site--we'd love to have you join us! Bring your questions or bring your facts but hopefully we won't all talk at once so none of us miss all the exciting conversations and great travel tips.
We have the back room at One World Café at 533 S. Main Street in Moscow reserved for our Travel Meeting from 10:30-1:00 on Saturday, 17 July, 2021.
For health reasons we would prefer that we all are vaccinated because the back room is so small. Also One World asks if anyone is unvaccinated, a mask must be worn. Some of us who have been vaccinated will also be more comfortable wearing a mask due to being high risk.
Let me know if you'll be attending so that we can make sure to have enough chairs for all of us.
We've been looking forward to this for so long! See you there!

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Glad to hear you are going to get together. I spent four years at WSU, so there are great memories of your part of Idaho. Happy travels to all of you. Your announcements always remind me of my 20’s. Ciao.

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Good to know someone else has heard of Moscow/Pullman and Lewiston/Clarkston! Sometimes I really feel like we're in the boondocks here. If you're ever up here racquet 588 let us know so we can have a spur of the moment meeting.

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Yes, do let us know!

So happy we are getting together! I've missed travel chats!

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Have a great meeting! Darcy & Pam, we will be in Paris in April if you want to have a meeting there. 😄

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Andrea, I know it's shocking but Doug and I don't have our spring 2022 plans set yet. We're waiting to hear from our college-aged grandsons whether or not they'll be joining us in June. It would be fun to meet up again in Europe though so I'll see what I can arrange!

Anyone else in the Moscow region dreaming of travel? Hope to see you in the "back room" of One World Café!

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Yay! Monte and Sharon! Looking forward to seeing you.

So far it seems we'll be a small group.
Anyone else from Cœur d'Alene coming, Pam?