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Moscow Travel Meeting - 15 Oct Cancelled

Yes, sadly it's true, the 15 October, 2022 Travel Meeting has been cancelled due to some of us still enjoying her trip in Europe, (You know who you are!), some are having a great long weekend in distant Washington and a couple of us managed to pick up Covid somewhere along the way.

That was especially surprising since it was the third trip taken since the pandemic started. I suspect it was when not enough caution was taken while visiting friends who live in Europe but who knows! The wonderful thing is that I have not had one symptom; I only tested because I felt it was the nice thing to do for the extended family. I knew full well on my way to Europe that I could catch it just like some other trips I've caught a cold but I was prepared for the possibility.

Next meeting will be Saturday, 19 November at 10:30 at One World Café, 533 South Main Street in Moscow, Idaho. We expect several great Trip and/or Tour Reports!
See you there!

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some of us still enjoying her trip in Europe, (You know who you are!),

Yes, she's having a great time.

And Darcy, she also says that you and I need to get together at some point. Paris next year? Or London or Amsterdam?

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Jane, that sounds wonderful! My first choice would probably be Paris but I feel certain something could be arranged!

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Haha you two!!

Currently lying in bed sipping coffee at the wine resort outside Orvieto! Off to Rome today and dinner with an RS forum friend!

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I hope you remembered to say hi from me to the 2 Forum friends, Pam!