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LA/OC travel group meeting on Sunday 1/19/2020

Our travel group is going to Scotland this time! Meet us at Tam o’Shanter at 2980 Los Feliz Blvd LA at noon. We love to talk travel and eat our way around LA/OC area. We have started doing a “show and tell” portion where everyone brings something related to a topic we decided on. We really try to keep on topic with some effort! Please come and see us. PM me for details and to make sure I reserve a spot for you.

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Jane, it’s alot of fun to have “show and tell”. So far we’ve shared the purse/bag we use for travel and our favorite souvenir. Next meeting, we’re bringing a favorite framed picture we have on display at home. Maybe we can start a thread on travel group traditions! I won’t take credit for this idea as I’m sure I poached it from another group😁

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Jane -

You're meeting in Tulsa is in my childhood neighborhood - 45th and Yale.

Sometime you'll have to come west and join us in LA/OC!

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Claudette, we love love love our travel group meetings. The idea of a theme is intriguing. We do occasionally have special topics, packing demonstrations, for example, and it's always a treat when Kim and Jesse bring their scrapbooks.

larlock, I like the idea of dropping in on other travel groups. Kim went to one in St Louis last year, and had a good time. Next time Stan and I are planning a trip in the US, we'll check out the meeting section of the Forum. And I'll mention it at our next meeting for other folks to consider.

I'll email a link to this thread to Kim; she's more creative than I am and can probably run with the idea.

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Jane forward this link. May have to think of some ideas. We do show and tell sometimes.

I want to go visit my cousin in San Fran. They meet at a restaurant where she took me in 2013.

I alway look at the travel meeting when we go on a US trip to see if there is one in the area. Love to pop in Judy in Atlanta whenever we go a baseball game there for my stadium bucket list.