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European Zoom Meeting Tues. 18 Jan. 19:00

Oooh, let's talk about Covid in our respective countries. Or something different?

Who wants to join in this month?

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Sure - rules here in my town have changed twice in the past week.
Positivity rates have been just under 1% for half a year but have shot up to over 5.5% thanks to omicron.

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Jo, please add me in... I have a few trips working to Germany and would be interested to hear the latest info!

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I'm interested and since my usual Tuesday evening activity is cancelled until Omicron done with us, I'm free. On the other hand, I'm really tired of talking about Covid.

The last int'l meeting's topic was travel mishaps. That was one of the most entertaining.

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your 19:00 would be my 18.00?

I'd like to, I do have a 2 hour meeting at 20.00.

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We are trying to keep this meeting short and mainly have it for those of us who live overseas, because everything is different for us.

An idea that came to me and that we can discuss tonight, is to have a Q & A Zoom meeting where those of us who live here, can answer questions from any of the forum members who want to take part.


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Ms Jo. I am sure many, many of us here in the US planning/hoping to travel to Europe would be interested in participating in such a zoom meeting. What a terrific idea! I’ll bookmark this post to see what you all think.

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I know these European meetings are meant for the people who live there, but I would be definitely be interested in that zoom.

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yes, thanks - so many more sides to our personalities come out when we get to meet in these zoom meetings compared to those zoom meetings or the other zoom meetings.
And then there are the zoom meetings.