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Denver Travel Group, where do we go next?

Some of you have heard reports that the Aspen Grove shopping center, where Panera, our current meeting place is located, might be redeveloped sometime in the future. This according to an article in the Littleton Independent.

According to the article,

Gerrity Group, which owns the shopping center beside Santa Fe Drive
just north of Mineral Avenue, is in the “very early stages” of
exploring a sweeping redevelopment ... Very early stages!


The timeline for the project remains murky. Gerrity's plans would
require an amendment to the site's zoning, mandating several public
meetings and hearings.

So, this is all tentative. There is no need for immediate action. We don't know if it is definitely going to happen, or when, or how it will impact us. This is all, apparently, a result of the COVID downturn. If the economy picks up, they could change their minds. And how much of the mall is slated for redevelopment? The part closest to the light rail station, obviously; the light rail station parking lot is often filled by 7 AM. so more apartments and condos near the station would probably be viable. And, of course, Panera is in the part closest to the station. But the article also points out that approximately 25% of the stores in the mall are currently unoccupied. Panera could possibly move to an empty location on the north side of the mall and remain in business.

I think the first thing I should do is talk to the manager about what their contingency plans are.

If we, indeed, will have to find a new location, I don't think it will be in the immediate future, but if so, which way should we move. There is, for instance, another Panera at the Southwest Plaza Mall, six miles west of Aspen Grove. And, I have already identified some places north, east, and south of our current location.

We have Jan and Jerry coming up from the south. If we go north, say to Littleton, that's going to be a longer trip for them. Linda lives far to the north. A location north of Aspen Grove would be closer for her. There are a number of potential sites near Broadway and C-470.

It would be useful if I had a better idea of where all of you live. You could PM me with your location. Better yet, go in to your profile and give a general location. In fact, while you are at it, write a little about yourselves - such as where you have traveled to in Europe.

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Back to online visits? :-)

At this point, I feel it is way too soon to even begin to worry about it. The last time I was involved in something like this, it took 5 years and the project ultimately ended up cancelled due to lack of interest by the developers. They decided it was cheeper to just let the mall go on as it was. Of course that was pre virus.

Good luck.

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Maybe we should just stay at the same location and see what may or may not happen. Changing now seems premature to me, but I am the newest member and others may disagree.

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I live about 50 miles south and east of Aspen Grove so I would vote not to move any farther north. I agree we should stay where we are and see what happens. Lee, it wouldn’t hurt to speak with the current manager of Panera. He may have more current information about the changes in the wind than what’s been published. I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s meeting☹️.