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Denver travel group meeting, Nov 16, 2019

The Denver group meets every month, on the third Saturday, at 10 am (Mountain time), at Panera Bread in Aspen Grove, Sante Fe and Mineral, south end of the SW Light Rail line. Everyone is invited. Come discuss your recent trip, hear about other's trips, get advice, etc.

This month's meeting is next Saturday, November 16.

To help you plan, future meetings are:

December 21. In December, our normal meeting day is only 4 days before Christmas. Should we move the meeting up to the 14th, or skip it entirely in December?

2020, January 18

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Tom & I won’t be there on Saturday, as I’m getting a shiny new knee tomorrow. Not sure about December but I should be fine by January.

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@pmalbritton: We will look forward to welcoming you to the group. Looks like you have extensive Italy travel experience to contribute.

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I am planning on it. Charlene, I will miss you but you'll have a brand new knee for the Holidays! Congratulations and I wish you a speedy recovery!

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I plan to be there. Char -- hope all went well today and you have a quick recovery.