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Denver Travel Group, Aug. 19 2023

Martha has offered to post the Denver meeting announcements while I am undergoing chemo for the next 2 months. So far I'm feeling pretty good and could have posted today, but just in case I don't feel up to posting in the future, she's filling in.

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OK, Lee, I will give details…

Denver RS Travel Group will meet on Saturday, Aug 19th at 10am at the Aspen Grove Panera.

Location is at Santa Fe and Mineral. We are a pretty casual group, we just sit and chat about past and future travel. Generally there is between 6 and 10 people there, so it is easy to chat with all. Some of our group is well traveled, some are not so much, all are welcome! Someone will have a blue and yellow RS book on the table for identification. Please come join us!

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Good job, Martha.

We'll see how my chemo goes on Monday.

So far I have felt no adverse effects of the chemo itself, although I did have a lot of bone pain due to the shots they gave me to counteract low white blood cell count due to chemo. Thankfully, that's over.

I will try to be there, but I'll have to wear a mask because my immune system is down.

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Oh, Lee, I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles and we’ll talk further when I see you next. I do hope you’re feeling up to coming Saturday but I certainly understand if you think better of it! Martha, thanks for filling in! So far I don’t have anything that takes precedence over seeing my travel friends so as of Sunday, Aug. 13, I’m planning on seeing everybody next Saturday.

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I will be leaving Serengeti for Arusha Saturday on my way home. Hope to see you in September. Larry, hope the side effects continue to be minimal.

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Lee - I hope this week wasn’t too rough after your treatment.

We just returned from Wisconsin late Tuesday and had a pretty intense workweek. We were already committed to a neighborhood alley clean-up this morning, so I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to catch up with all of you this month!