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Camino Q & A Zoom Meeting, Sun. 15 Jan. 18:30

At the last International Zoom meeting, a number of people expressed interest in having a Zoom meeting about the Camino,
If you have already walked any of the Camino routes, please join and help answer questions .

For those who are interested in walking a Camino, this Zoom meeting might be for you. During the meeting, will also post links to several FB pages and websites that will be useful to you.

I am a bit limited on my zoom time - 40 min. so it would be great if you could post your questions here ahead of time so that we can be bit prepared.

The time is Germany time, so that should allow those of you on the West Coast to join us without needing to get up too early.
I will post the zoom link about an hour before the meeting.

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Fun idea. I won’t be able to attend, but my caminos are a few years out still.

I just beg of everyone to please, please NOT refer to the most common route as the Camino “Francis”. Like all pet peeves it’s somewhat irrational how this particular gringo slaughter of the Spanish language irritates me, but it does. A lot.

Camino Francés is the “French Way”. ‘French’, in Spanish, is pronounced ‘fran-thes’ or ‘fran-chess’.

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reminds me that the southern tip of Spain, in French, is l'Andalousie.

If I can figure out the time difference I will be interested in this zoom meeting...

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Thanks Jo!
I'm interested in this.
Question -- will you be posting the link publicly here or do you want us to send you contact info so that you can send the link privately?

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I will post it here on the forum.
Avi - subtract 9. You are 9 hours behind Germany.

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I would like to attend. We are planning to walk the last 100km in April. Thank you!

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18.30 CET = 17.30 GMT = 12:30 pm EST = 11:30 am CST = 10:30 MST = 9:30 PST

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I walked the Camino Frances in 2017 and part of the Camino Portuguese in 2019. I'd be happy to help answer questions.

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It was a small meeting but was happy that we could chat with each other.

Promised to post some helpful links:

Planning your route and stops:

Most helpful website and forum:

Small Camino tour groups for women:

Finding accommodation:

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Thought more of you would be attending, but perhaps the time wasn't right? If there is interest, I can do this again.