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another travel nightmare

In the wake of my Trondheim dream reported above, another nightmare kept me up this weekend:

I'm checking into a large hotel and the desk person is giving me the spiel about the property and hands me my key, which has a sparkly keychain/bangle marked 'a11' -- not my style and I wonder if being on the ground floor will be noisy, but whatevs --
I take a bit of sleuthing to follow the signage to find the room, and the ground level is occupied with a market hall and department-store style shopping -- and when I get to the right address it is a changing room or fitting room for a clothing shop, so I'm perplexed: there's a raised security desk close by, one of those counters that looks over the rest of the display/sales floor, not the kind of thing you see often anymore, at least here in the USA, and the security guy can see I'm confused even before I open my mouth --
"What?" I explain that I'm supposed to be in a11 but a bedroom, not a changing room, and I show him the key --
he takes the key, raises his eyebrow at me, and turns the bangle/tag around and says "Sir, this is for Turquoise 110" -- and before I can really take in that I was looking at the tag upside down he officiously gives me directions like "at the end of the hallway exit the large double doors, turn left, and you will see the large Turquoise building/wing. Enter and go up one floor."

I feel foolish and defensive -- hey, why Aqua and Turquoise (A and T) when those colors are so close to the same? How was I supposed to know the beads on the tag were turquoise ? Now that I look at it again I can see that '110' is more plausible than 'a11' but why did they expect me to know that the buildings were organized by color and the keys match the color?
Anyway, the security guy is looking at me hefting my backpack and he seems to be doubting that I could be that stupid - maybe I'm up to something. Which just makes me feel more defensive.

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I would have had the same problem, don't worry. And they are almost the same color, I agree. Its a bit nuts how some hotels organize the rooms.

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Perhaps best if you tip a porter to take you to your room next time.

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I stayed at a place in Brescia, Italy where the check-in and breakfast area were in one building and the rooms were across a courtyard in another building. It all was easily identifiable except the electronic pass keys were dodgy as hell and had me having to go back and get another key on more than one occasion. The front desk never wanted to accompany me to see what it was that I was doing wrong ... hmmm.

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Are you stressed out regarding another trip?

And why are you posting on the Travel
Group Meeting Website?

The Forum isn’t Facebook.

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That's nothing......I remember on one occassion I opened the door to my room and inside was a conference table. No bed just the table chairs and a sofa. I saw a door on the side, opened it, and it was a bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom was another door. I opened it and there was the bedroom. There was also a door out of the room. I opened it and saw that the number of that room was the same as the conference room. I had a good laugh.

On another occassion, I was in a freebie room. There were problems. The desk clerk said they were sold out but there was one other room that was having some minor renovations. I took it. In the middle of the night, the small light fixture attached to the headboard fell on my head. It hadn't been secured properly. Luckily I wasn't hurt but the owner of the hotel was furious that the night guy would give me that room.

In a Paris hotel, my room number was two numbers higher than the rooms on the top floor. I finally asked how to get there. They told me there was an unmarked white door. Open it and you'll see the doors to two more rooms. One was mine. It was secluded and quiet.

In Athens a few months ago, I wondered why my room hadn't been serviced. I took the Do Not Disturb sign off the door. I called and they sent someone up. She showed me that the Do Not Disturb light outside the door was lit so they didn't come in. Apparently, there are a slew of buttons next to the bed to turn on all types of lights. One was the DND light. In the middle of the night I hit buttons in the dark trying to find one for the room. I must have hit the DND light by accident. Usually, those types of buttons are near the door rather than the bed. And why also a hanging sign.

These little things happen. I wonder if you were more worried what the guard thought of you?

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I’ve never heard of a DND light. Thanks, Frank II, for mentioning it!

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I think I missed something. Did this actually happen? If so, that must have been rather upsetting, but I would tend to side with the security guard.

Or is this catastrophizing on your part? If so, I don't think this is the place to discuss fantasies.

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CJean, I believe this was a dream. (I could be wrong?)

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These are some great comments,
but let me clarify/contextualize that this post is not a figurative nightmare but an actual one -
and I posted it under the travel group area because another dream was a discussion item in our most recent East Bay travel group meeting -- when the post title gets listed under the headlines for the Forum this context is lost.

I probably should have just added it as a comment on the East Bay group meeting post but since that meeting happened already most people would have missed it; in this instance I see now that too many people who didn't follow that thread are seeing this now.

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Avi, I had a dream Saturday night and I think your dream discussion at the meeting was the reason for having my travel dream. What I can remember of itI was trying to get on the tube or off and I was trying to get my wallet back from someone and ended up making the tube locked up and the line canceled. Or, maybe it was because of Diveloonie ( or is it loomy?) and her near pickpocket episode?

Anyway, I don’t see an issue with how/ where you posted.

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I might have thought you were in Vegas with your story. I've only been twice, but both times we got lost looking for our room. It also reminds me of the Mermaid Inn in Rye, UK. Only 28 rooms but you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find your way. Here's a description from a Trip Report I wrote a couple of months ago of where our room was from the lobby;

12 steps up, hallway, 1 step down, continue in the hallway, duck under 600-year-old beam, turn left and 6 steps down. Through door, turn right, 4 steps down. Through door and down hallway, sharp 90 degree right and 13 steps up, our door is on the right at the top of the steps.