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what is the best way to travel from paris to dover england?
Gwen 3
What is the best way to visit Italy and France going from Croatia?
edith 5
What is the cheapest way to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice/St. Marks
melissa 2
What is the cheapest way to get from the San Marco Airport to San Marco Square?
marilynruth55 12
What is the difference between a Schengen Visa and the Tourist Visa Issued at the...
Michael 17
What is the difference betweent iDTGV and Just TGV
Stew 1
What is the difference from a Italo club executive seat and a club executive Salotto seat?
Lori 10
What is the easiest transportation from Venice to Vranja, Croatia?
kim 0
What is the most efficient way to travel between these cities?
Maggie 4
What is the most scenic day trip to Switzerland from Como (in the south)?
imholca 9
What is the secret PIN that TGV asks to pick up the train tickets?
Alina 11
What is the suitable card to buy ?
Yutiga 1
What is the train schedule Basel to Florence, Italy?
Nancy 6
What is your high(er) speed train vs. airplane threshold, if any?
Andre L. 24
what kind of bedding for a camper/van
Kathie 2
What kind of ticket do I needed?
Andy 1
What makes most sense
blanderson 6
What mode of transportation for Koblenz area sights?
Linda 4
what money to take?
Joanne 5
What months & what cities are the cheapest to fly into
Amy 6
What passport???
Linzi 10
Whats a good, fast, ,inexpensive and practical
Mr 4
What's a Great Airfare From US to France in 2016?
kristin.goode 14
What's going on?
Joe 2
What should I expect on a flight to Europe?
ScrapperKimmyD 23
What should I expect to pay for a Eurail sleeper car?
What should we expect flying through Paris (CDG) from Florence? 7
What Size Rental Car?
David 5
What station do we enter and how do we transfer to another line?
Gayle 3
What stations in Vienna?
Terry 1
What station to arrive in Obb from Linz to Prague???
Miguel 5
What's the best airfare deal out there from Washington, D.C. right now?
Colleen 3
What's the 'best' way to get from Brugge to Bayeux?
Galen 5
What's the best way to get train tickets in Germany and Italy
Tammy 2
What's the latest on the volcano?
jason 2
What's the point of buying a railpass???
Chris 11
What's Up With RailEurope?
Jim Morris 31
What's up with the Trenitalia schedules?
Lorraine 3
What's up with Trenitalia tickets?
Sasha 13
What's Usually Cheaper - JFK to Florence, Pisa, or Genoa?
Celeste 1
Whats your experience at Philadelphia Airport and US Airways?
Joe 7
What ticket/pass to buy?
Sharon 4
What time do you get to TGV Station before train depature?
Dianna 2
What time the Tube opens in London?
fernando 7
What time to arrive at airport
pat 2
What time to arrive before boarding?
Jodi 9
What time to get to the airport?
dmwacu 4
What to do from 0700 to 1500 in Munich, after train arrives?
Celeste 12
What to do if flight cancelled & no more that day
Rose 1
What to do if Global entry doesn't work.
Donald 11